Listen – A poem I wrote in ode of Jack McCarthy

You Caught me flippantly babbling
trying to fit words into the
empty spaces that silence has
been frequently travelling.

I just throw words at you, hoping that
the pieces will matter enough to
somehow get to you neatly organized
into a discernible linguistic sequence and pattern

I’ll just hit you with everything I’ve got
I dont need you to understand what Im saying
if you can understand what I mean
even though my words are out of place and
staring at you as barefaced as a dream
which stands as barefaced as the truth
which right now stands as bare faced as me

I want what Im feeling to take a stair case
and resonate with the empathetic parts of your brain.
Its like the most compartmentalized molecules that stands
in the heart of a grain
Or the part of a mental patient that remains sane.

What Im saying is its small, but not small enough
to disregard.
[this is hard]
After the night we spoke I looked at a sky that was
missing stars.


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