You can find me (The Hobo Chronicles Pt1)

You can find me going trashcan grocery shopping behind your favourite restaurants and bistros

You can find me scantly dressed in last weeks newspaper like its the latest fashion

You can find me vibrating involuntarily from a combination of Parkinsons, withdrawal symptoms, alcohol dependency and cold weather.

You can find me begging for change and being ignored.

You can find me staring blankly and getting pleasantly lost in my own senility and insanity.(Smiling at nothing in particular)

You can find me shaken from the fear of my own irrational paranoia

You can find me as a victim or a symptom of a broken societal system

You can find me gathering and counting change for my next glue and alcohol binge

You can find me wheezing through my TB infested chest.

You can find me under bridges, on park benches, at bus stops, in old broken down cars and buildings and if Im really desperate, at a public toilet, asleep and dreaming about an old life .

You can find me behind a cardboard sign panhandling for change to feed a family that doesn’t exist.

You can find me stalking through the pavements of the city mumbling to myself .

You can find me masturbating vigorously in front of the local church aroused by the women in their cleavage bearing Sunday dresses

You can find me being hauled off in a police van after receiving a good beating for vagrancy and public indecency

You can find me screaming and preaching behind a jail cell about the Illuminati ,the lizards who are masked as politicians and controlling the planet and of why Jesus’ return is imminent.

And you can find me down an alley way, beaten, broken and crying my eyes out

But you wont find me cause you’re not searching…’re not looking.


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