Psychosis, my old friend! Is that you?

Greetings fellow citizens of cardboard shanty town, it is I, your mayor.

Today I want to talk to you about a common affliction that the majority of us share. Do you remember the first time you realized that you were losing your mind and you were shit scared? Some of us have actually played with the idea that going insane might have been somewhat pleasant but no, its like the nightmares you had last night follow you into the day. When did the ants start carrying my picnic away piece by piece, you ask? When I lost my ability to sleep. After three days of staring at the ceiling like an art critic staring at a disturbing but profound painting, the aphasia started along with the daytime hallucinations. Subtle hallucinations like a minute ago that tree was a person or I thought I did that but I was only imaging it in my head and my brain cant seem to tell the difference between reality and thought. Oh and did I tell you about the muscle spasms. I found them quite pleasurable sometimes. Oh and the aphasia? What a hoot! A person would be talking to me and I’d hear every single word. I would understand and hear the words but not the message or context that they were used in. Its like I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand what you’re trying to convey. But I think ultimately this is all normal. What’s unusual is sitting alone in your room laughing at your life. Seeing things isn’t as bad as being so numb that you’re laughing at your own broken bones like it was someone else. Strangely, I wouldn’t laugh if someone else was in the same predicament. That’s when I truly realized that psychosis was waiting for me around the corner and we have a lot to talk about. Any way citizens I’ll leave you to walk around, blank faced  and stinking of hopelessness like a cheap Chinese knock off cologne. I bid you adieu. And stay tuned for my next poems Soothsayer and artefacts. More odes to the broken eggs of the world who cant seem to put themselves back together again. 



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