If you dig me then dig deep,

because things get lost between
deep thoughts, cheap talk and deep sleep.
As my secrets leaked
You were looking at the words spilling from my lips
like they were a steep cliffs peak.

I remember the power outage nights
Where I would shine shadow puppets on your
pale skin from candle light
Those nights when sleep wouldn’t find me,

So I would blindly try to find you, 
convinced I would find rest along the way 
After a long delay, the lights would come on and 
our song would play – we were soul mates 
some would say.
As we were bounded together on awkward summer days.

I wasn’t hiding anything
I wasn’t holding secrets 
while holding your heart 
But there was something in me grasping 
for everything like a hole woven from dark
How was I supposed to know your love for 
me would surely slowly depart

There are artefacts buried in my chest,
my treasure chest
There are fossils burnt into my brain
dug up and turned into disdain
There are gems inside my heart,

But if you ever wanted to discover these ,
you’d have to dig deep like
a coal miner cause Im deep, ‘
so deep that
I lose things inside like sleep
or my place when Im counting 

There was no way,
you were going to leave me with my 
heart intact
When you’ve lost something it gets
hard to act, hard to get back
but you can keep it as a memento –
your own personal artifact.


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