My ears have been wasted away

in listening to words in hopes that they would some how

scare, scorn, hurt or control me.

So why waste time anymore

if you’re going to speak then…

Speak it like an affirmation

Speak it like it was written on something old

and ancient like scrolls of parchment pages

– like its something ageless

Let it be spoken like a prayer

let it be spoken like a true soothsayer

like you’re confident that the

future will be like an old earth broken up

into a new layer

Speak on into societies thickened skin

even when covered and stubborn ears

try to disallow sound from trickling in

Because we are fickle and as sick as sin

You would be

Fathering the truth that liars have

been known to abandon and orphan

because we have been playing musical chairs

with coffins

And the ones who were left standing when the

music stopped didn’t realize that it was okay to walk

away and living was an option

so take caution when speaking to corpses

cause we have sensibility leaking

out of us ,portion by portion

So be the soothsayer concocting light into

words and breath into speech

Sending out blessings in your messages


at the speed of seconds, proving that even

the simplest peasant can preach.

So what say ye soothsayer?

we need you to lead the way in prayer.


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