A closed fist of apprehension (Senile Ramblings from a wise old homeless man pt 1 )

I thought I could live as I pleased for as long as I pleased.

But real life paid me a visit

I feel as if the version of me that lived back then never existed

A memory of a faded dream, now distant

We’re a marching band singing the ever present song of progress and production

They say open up your eyes but I have nothing to open cause I’ve cried my eye sockets hollow

Bleed on command, feel guilty for not struggling

Leave us in a ditch and hate us for our fear and sickness.

The truth is you live and help those who think like you

Anyone else is chum in the water reserved as fodder for the  inner city.

Blink twice and maybe that will grey the view your rose coloured spectacles

I’m sorry, I cant bring myself to care or feel any more.

I wonder if your smile is as synthetic as mine

I’ll never force it ever again.

You’re so young but you have crows feet etching themselves around your eyelids because of all the effort it took you to convince me that you were here and you were happy to be here

Lets all act as if being human is a sport to be participated in and neglect the fact that its not in our nature.

I say this not because I’m bitter, depressed, senileImage, feel like a tired rug or drunk. Its because I want you to be the same way.


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