The bane of society

Let me break the proverbial 4th wall here. I hope at least one reader understands what that means. I wanted to take this time to let you understand why I chose homelessness as a theme for my blog. I felt as if it was something that should be highlighted because homelessness never existed in the dawn of man . Its more of a device of modern society.I now work not cause I fear homelessness in a sense but because I fear the embarrassment of it. My pride wont allow me to live on the streets. To be undignified in that way by this world. The irony there, is they have me trapped either way. I’d be freer and truer to myself if I was homeless. Self respect and dignity cannot be taken away. Forgive me for my digression. I made a societal derelict flavoured blog because I feel like a derelict, in many ways. I cant seem to accept the rules of how to be a human being that have been written and ascribed to me by the majority. On the worst of worst days I feel as if it just doesn’t fit. It all feels so unnatural. The neo human no longer suffers from the problems that evolution was made to improve upon. Many are disillusioned into believing that modern man is a sophisticated instrument. No – we are now too superficial for our existences to be truly meaningful. So dereliction and homelessness can be twisted into many metaphors. The one Im aiming to drive home now is that we are derelicts of the past. We are cardboard shanty towns of our former selves. Here’s a disclaimer for you. You may sit there and expect solutions from me but that’s not what I came here to do. Im not a critic of society, just a semi-objective observer. I hope I can inspire you not to see the homeless but to realize that we are all homeless and a home was never necessary any way. We can hide behind race, culture and patriotism but these are all homes and boundaries for prejudice, hate and division. How long can humanity be a stubborn donkey. We sacrifice ourselves for nonsensical  revolutions. When will we learn that the next revolution must be a revolution of the mind. The soul must revolt against apathy and hate. We must be derelicts to the old selfish and greedy way of thinking that has caused us and each other so much pain. So lets be exiles and strays without ever having ambitions of a domicile.


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