A rendition of the sunshine

You play the sunlight like a soft instrument.

I play guitar but I can never strum it to the same melody you produce from the sunlight

,bending it around your body to orchestrate a symphony

I can see this soundscape – I can hear it with my mind

When you smile, I’m sure that this is how forever sounds

even with a cloudy sky and rain trickling down

You manage to piece the torrents together into a timeless ballad.

Its like a billion collaborating light filaments  all sparking off into an echo

I’m trying to find a shadow to hide behind…

Too afraid to understand the lyrics of your glow

You see,  I’m a walking whisper

Im not for the casual listener

My sounds are awkward next to yours

And I have trouble walking through open doors

Im a prose of walking disjointed words formed into nonsensical lyrics

sung in a cappella  from a falsetto voice

Constantly played in the note of D

When you opened your mouth to speak, its like you added vocals to your instrumental

then I introduced you to my shaky time signatures

‘and listened to your footsteps as you plodded off in an even cadence.

I wanted to talk like the silence was some how a burden…

like I had the words sitting  in me so long that they were gathering dust like old antique furniture.

I wanted to say, I dont think any one can play the suns radiance like you do,

like you were crafting music from it, playing a rendition of the sunshine even beneath a

cloud veiled sky

simply – which is to say that I think you’re beautiful and I owe you that.


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