Prelude (Old Mother)

She crawls out of the ground, stretching her limbs out. She wants to touch the sky, it has twisted and deformed her shape. Many creatures call her home and provider. She sheds her skin on autumn to stand out stark naked on winter, reaching out to the sun like a beggars lament. Many children have climbed and built forts on her giant’s shoulders just to see past their own imprisonment. Old Mother grows despite gravity and longs to hold hands with the sun, despite how impossible it is and despite the fact that she’ll die even before she reaches her goal. Old Mother knows not of Icarus nor of fail or fear.  She knows ‘despite’, that oh so empowering word that allows her to believe and love. She hatched and sprouted from the cracks of the ground despite a weak stem and soft leaves and now she looks to break through the sky, galvanized by the word and principle of despite. She personifies it……


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