Despite (Senile Ramblings from a wise old homeless man pt 3)

Where roses die and wither, I grow. Despite a lack of sunlight – I grow. They call me weed and nuisance. I call myself conqueror. …

Sometimes they’d rather see you breathe in and suffocate on your own breath than see you exhale (excel). So I was the type to exhale till my lungs collapsed just to spite them. One day I realized that I didn’t have to make bagpipes out of my chest to revolt against negativity. Now every time I look at them, I see a sign pasted on their foreheads that reads don’t feed the trolls. I learnt not to spite. I learnt how to live – despite. Despite became a one word affirmation and I found myself holding on to it like a life raft when the storms of my thoughts wanted to shatter my heart through morning palpitations. Hot tears would caress my eyes. I held them back, scared I would go blind if I carried on. It felt like the wind never offered to carry me, it always pushed against my hate  graffiti written paper skin vandalized by words like ‘you wont’ and ‘you cant’. I was lighter than the wind but ‘despite’ kept me anchored and flailing forward like a pebble cast from a sling, made to topple giants. I am David. They said I was a slave to failure so I learnt to run. I am Frederick Douglass. The hardest part is not to do but to do completely. In other words to pursue your hearts desires fully no matter what they do or say.

Despite – you have kept me believing in the suns existence when there was no evidence to do so

All those cold nights, you would describe how  warmth felt through my dreams

You showed me that scars are stronger than the original skin cause it is not in natures character to allow the same mistake twice

And because of that I have no reason to be afraid of hurt or healing

You have taught me to love myself in the face of hate when I had no reason to

You have introduced me to gradually and finally

And one day, I know that in my heart of hearts, you will all introduce me to success.

Thank you despite for your unconditional love and encouragement

You have introduced me to the most important person that I should ever meet

You have introduced me to myself


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