A dilapidated kind of love

You can see it standing off to the left of you as you walk up main street

Bring no pause to your foot steps. The science of understanding and empathy left us a long time ago

Waste no pity on its slouched figure seated on uncomfortable concrete being devoured by the mid day heat.

Its an abandoned development.

Its previous owners scratched their heads and walked off, deeming it unprofitable.

This a ghetto tenement and each room houses the echo’s of your voice telling it that you’re leaving it

Regrets have made a comfortable home here.

Out of its windows, its stares at its blackened feet like the answer resides in them or it can

move them through psychic suggestion

But no, they have laid they’re roots thickly into the cracks of the concrete

While flies do a dance around its head

Singing the child is dead , the child is dead

Look into its haunted eye’s

Surely it hated its life but I’m not sure if it wanted to die.

You will see it as you walk up main street beneath the autumn sky

hanging its head like a sign

A sign that says to you ‘walk on by’ .


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