The roof is gone (A rough prelude to shards and splinters)

Its like the sunshine pried the skyline wide open

leaking in the light and leaving the black that was once night, broken

The ceiling stands gaping as my dilapidated roof lies caved in and

scraping against

the concrete and brick of my home

The wind blows in picking up stones,

thick sand and sticks, while a crow rested on a garden gnome picks

at what seems to be bones

The responsibility of today’s work, tugs at me –

it wont leave my alone

The night blew the leaves in  while the roof stood exposed

I’m surveying the damage, while thick sweat sticks my skin to my clothes

from my damaged furniture to my chimney that now resembles

a broken human nose

I stare and gape at what was once a vase of roses

lying on my expensive carpet and leaking water

into the tiling

While the sun stands on the earths escarpment like

an arrogant prick, smiling

Reaching its little fingers into my house and radiating every corner,

shedding annoying light into my entire home’s inward persona

I’m hung over, my eyelids hang like my kitchen curtains torn

to the window sides from their railings

my breath comes out in sighs as I stand there exhaling

but I’m not thinking of that nor of last weeks gale that sent

my pale roof flailing

The birds are singing and I cant block it out to think –

I cant mute the song

so I dance to it with the wrong rhythm

because my roof is gone, my roof is gone and she

went along

with it.


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