Random rants from a reasonable man

Hello fellow citizens of cardboard shanty town. It is I, your mayor. I know it has been a long time since you’ve heard anything from me but I have been extremely busy – doing nothing in particular. Have you ever been asked if something makes sense and you agree that it makes sense but inside your heart of hearts, you know that it doesn’t make sense. You can make more sense from the silence than the emotionally unintelligible garbage that he’s speaking. He is making sentences not sense. You just want to nod your head and be left alone so it doesn’t throb any more from trying to understand – not what he is saying but why he is saying it. You look up from your empty coin cup into his disapproving gaze. Its so robotic and inhuman but oh so contempt filled  and you think:” brother, why are you so white washed and mechanical?” A shake of the head is all you’ll receive as an answer and you’ll ask yourself if there is something wrong with you for having emotions. Now listen, this is where it gets important. You can disregard everything I’ve ever told you but not this part. Note it down if you need to, God knows most of  our memory circuits are fried up by substance abuse. We’re animals but we’ve not only clothed our skin but we’ve learnt how to clothe our souls and apathy has been in fashion for such a long time. So many of us seldom walk around internally naked and cruelty is one of our most favoured garments.  We carry the past in our pockets and use it to pay for our daily sadness. I know I’m just a barely audible whisper in a field of loud explosions going off but with every breath I breathe, I have paid my rent and for my right to rant. I hope that these words hit something soft and mutable because they’ve been echoing and bouncing off clanging metal and brass lately. Anyway, as you were…..


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