A day spent in the sunlight

Hello there, I generally don’t make excuses or speak directly to the reader cause the reader usually is an imaginary ideal in my world. All these posts are open letters to myself – I’m hoping that I can reach the person I once was and convince him to come back home. These are all just attempts and I’m glad if other people can get happily lost in them or find themselves from them.  What I wanted to say before digression took hold was I wrote this poem after a few nights of insomnia to see what my sleep deprived mind could conjure up. Maybe I can find a way to dream with my eyes wide open cause they cant seem to stay shut.  Forgive me for all the errors in spelling and grammar that may follow and enjoy.


Best friend and I spend most of our days listening to the air echo through the rusted pipes of life

Abstract absurdisms bursting out of our lips to and fro at random moments,

laughter and sunshine springing itself  forward from the aqueducts of light,

that is our youth

Shaking off the remnants of last winter’s various colds and sicknesses


We’d make stories out of  the clouds and play house

We wore rags for clothes that stayed stained by the grass and

dirt roads we ran through

Best friend, all I know is you


Young and unconcerned with ‘proper’ nor society

, playing shoeless in the mud

We’d play marbles with stones and pebbles

And kiss underneath  the dinner table’s swollen ankles


Strange, I don’t remember any rain in those days

And I want the summer to last forever

But sunlight only ever lasts for a day

Best friend is leaving me and I don’t know where  she’s going


Best friend came to me in today’s morning, sad and secretive

Her clothes were still dirty from yesterday but I don’t care

I laugh in joy, with no malice, I am just happy to see her

She stands there staring at me, no greeting in reply to mine.


My child’s mind doesn’t  understand why

Was it something I did, I’m sure it was

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry”

I stand there reciting the same apology like a mantra


Best friend please don’t leave, all I know is you.

Best friend turns and leaves without stating why

And I wish that rainless summer could’ve lasted forever

But they seldom do,

Best friend was gone by the time autumn came

Sunlight only ever really lasts for a day.




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