Life boats

Its strange how a simple phrase, song, sentence or idea can save your life in the same way a friend can pull you out of the path of a speeding vehicle or catch you when you fall. I know two quotes or ideas that have kept me alive, kicking ass and succeeding. These are my life boats, they’ve kept me from drowning in myself, drowning in my thoughts and drowning in society and life. I hold on to them after being kicked off my shipwrecked dreams.

“All I Am is All I have” 

This quote was inspired by a song by the rusty pelicans featuring one of my favourite rap groups, Atmosphere. Every time I fell to displacement, confusion, betrayal or persecution, this song served as a reminder that I have to stay true to myself. Its a cold lonely world sometimes and this reinforced the idea that I had to get over the wounds on my back and I had to reinvest more time into myself. I held on to it when the world became cold, lonely and scary. All you truly own in this life is yourself because in all nakedness, that’s all you came in this world with. You can sacrifice all your possessions but not that. That’s a worse fate than death – never betray yourself.


“Life is what distracts you from death”   – Sage Francis

This quote was inspired by another song title written by Sage Francis. I’m not sure if he was the original author but this is where I discovered it. The song itself never meant much but the title spoke volumes to me. I use it as a signature to most of my emails. It serves as a reminder to live and forget everything else because nothing is more important and precious than life. Some of us get so distracted that we forget to live and essentially we die while we still breathe. When the spectre of suicide speaks to you, do not satisfy death and your enemies. Throw yourself back into that ocean and swim. That’s what I try to do and when it feels as if my arms are too tired to carry me through the water, my life boats are always near by to give me aid and support. What are yours?


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