In the cove of my words Vol.1

In the cove of my words,

they’re warm enough to keep me cocooned against the


I’m a deserted island – I feel sorry for any woman

who dares to maroon her heart on my shores

Beneath my beach sands, my dreams lie

buried restlessly

There were village shamans hidden in the thick

of my tropical forests, doing death dances

to resurrect them

They failed and left with the wind and ocean tide,

Mother nature saw fit to drown the villagers who

occupied my temple in rain and ocean water

Your heart will starve here,

It will only have silence to accompany it.

Food and love is scarce.

A view point of the moonlight cascading off the sea

seen from my tallest hill is the only solace I can provide you with

Your heart will die here

Her heart some how survived,

its light revived the plant life in my forests

her sunshine repaired the beauty in my shores

and it can be seen in the daylight, radiating

More importantly she resurrected my dreams,

They sprouted out of my sands like factory workers

holding protests…

In the cove of my words,

They’re warm enough to keep me sheltered from night.


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