Vessels with infinite space (Senile Ramblings from a wise old homeless man pt 5)

I dream carelessly with disregard for the impossible

I live vicariously through the wind that touches every breath

and I leave footsteps on every lung

I have placed my palm on every corner

and I keep on running and running

breathe me in deeply like a welcomed intruder

let me get lost in the caverns of your chest

We’re all deep but we underestimate our depths

We’re all walking Bermuda triangles waiting for the right person to get lost in us

We’re oceans carefully disguised as puddles and I’ll happily

drown in all of us if it means that we all see and recognize that more

That great abstraction that we mistake our hunger for

We want more inside and we try to supplement our thirsts with possessions

that we out grow on a daily basis

We act like over grown giants trying to fit into the tiny clothes

that we first wore when we came into this planet

We’re doughnuts, trying to fashion out hole plugs from all we own


I’ll live vicariously through the wind and carry every wing to freedom

My dreams fill in the holes for me

Because the truth is we’re not as deep as much as we are empty

And nothing can keep the pain from sinking in


Least of all – all you own –

Earth has become a home for insatiable vacuums.





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