Behind grief, I titter between faith and blind disbelief

and I’d do anything to keep you safe from their open mouths  

and grinding teeth  

I’ll provide a shelter for you to find relief   

I haven’t expressed you for so long its like my tongue wasn’t

designed for speech


You’ve been a prisoner cursed to walk the empty bypaths of my soul

– dirt roads occupied by rogues and a collection of regrets

Worn by use, poor maintenance and neglect

I’ve become over protective of you and I can tell that you are

tired by the very sway of your steps   


perhaps, I have become an apprentice of my shame and fear,

daily performing blatant cowardices in the name of indifference and vacant stares 

Heart muscle atrophying 

I was scared of harsh words, patronizing


You deserve to shine before you die 

You deserve to be spared from the echoes of my dread

 You deserve to live outside the shackles of my head

You deserve to be free because you are everything I love about myself. 



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