Gathering Feathers (02 September 2013) Better late than never.

“Stop the earth’s rotation, slow its 107,300 km/h orbit around the sun to zero and let me off….I’m done.”

“Lost my soul for a bargain
because I couldn’t understand the salesman’s jargon.”

“Can you spell dichotomy?”

“So many things have died this past fall and winter. Let spring give birth to something new and wholesome. Not a resurrection but an existential revolution..”

“RIP to my vibe.”

“I wanted to say something self expressive here, but what the hell, its like shouting down an empty well around here. I have my echoes to keep me company.”

“I’ve been working my hands and begging my mind not to think of you but it wanders to you like a lost dog..It wonders.”


“I love you enough to undignify myself. Stripped, naked and bloody…”

“I dare you to be original”

“You look and sound like a sonnet carved out of sunlight. It’s the first Monday of Spring. Lets get some work done.”

“Spread your wings Icarus. Daedalus is watching.”


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