Gathering Feathers (09 September 2013)

You’re no longer just a bish, you’ve evolved into…… rubbish.

Today, I decided to research the war in Syria and how it will affect us. What are you doing to inform yourself?

Shit is real in Syria.

Address them with aggression


I’ll hang myself by the 6th string of my guitar and vibrate through its fretboard as I pendulum as part of the music and mechanism that moves the hands of time.

There’s a song playing loud but I’m humming something completely different. Its like doing your job while you imagine yourself doing something else. Its like telling someone you love them but you’re actually thinking of someone else. Its like sleeping with someone and imagining someone else in their place. Is that cheating?

I don’t know. A part of me wants to be alone forever but sometimes you have to stop playing dentist for gift horses.

Zoning out to William Basinski like a boss.


I think I’ll be cast as an extra on the movie adaptation of my life or one of those transient characters who fill up less than a paragraph in my own autobiography.

Time will reveal itself, the future poses itself as a question that I will answer with present action.

I walk around door to door selling off pieces of my soul like an old rag and bone man.

They say in all, give thanks but I knew there was a problem when all my prayers consisted of ‘Dear God, thank’s for nothing’.

So your God is basically Casper The Friendly Ghost?





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