Playing Dentist for gift horses

I’m convinced that there are land mines behind every smile

Mice traps behind every touch

Potholes behind every stare

and Wisdom in distrust

That’s why I still brace and flinch for attack

Walk around detached,

…cant seem to keep my head tethered to my neck

Yeah, I had wings once

but all you see now are remnants of their feathers on my back

I’m convinced that there is a snare between your compliments

like thieves hiding behind every rock waiting to rob me of my confidence.

And I  walk around like a victim of one too many broken promises

..Shrines to disappointment lurk behind every frown

I’m convinced that a let down is immanent.

Waiting to ambush me when I’m happy

I’m just careful,

never will be the one to entertain the folly of walking a tight rope with at least three safety nets below me

(- especially if the first was made in China, you can’t really trust anything made in China)

I know that there’s a trap door to fall through in in your love.

Don’t say you love me when you don’t understand the responsibility that comes with those words.

And love is blind and foolish enough to use justice as its seeing eye dog.

No, not I.

One day I’ll fly again, where wing clippers cant reach

But not today, maybe not in this lifetime

I can’t take that leap of faith,

even though heaven is just a stair climb away.

The first step will crumple right under me,

Retract itself like I was something revolting

On so it is that I gaze upon every opportunity with nefarious doubt and scepticism

Too many snake oil sales man advertising salvation for a bargain

Too many snakes inside  this garden

I see rain in heavy clouds

hate in every word, disdain in every noun

And I don’t think I’ll ever stop searching for cavities in a gift horses open mouth




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