Water marks

Plastic plant life ,
Signals no longer being sent on account of too tired neuro-molecular dendrites
You only feel human when you talk to a computer screen
To own and be owned – the modern consumer dream
Trying so hard to be important, to be weighed and compared
Ready to meet tomorrow? Beware, you’re unprepared
Sun starved, paper skin rejoices in the light
Blue veins become lines, margined between the scars
Human life is a satire to existence
A vain universe invented us to observe it
Too bad it made us in its own image, now we invent to be observed
Earth life marches along to the stars
Too much time spent in the night, makes it harder to discern the light from the dark
The machine is intoxicated on its own oil,
Finally coming face to face with its own thought
Gears spinning like propellers , it says –

Listen, I left water marks from the tears I’ve puddled and pooled
, dripping and seeping through the wool you’ve pulled over my eyes,
And when I die you can keep the stained furniture
After I’ve loosened up this noose like neck tie, keeping me afloat
I’ll hang myself by the 6th string of my guitar and vibrate to the note of E-ternity through its fretboard as I pendulum as part of the music and mechanism that moves the hands of time
The mechanism that some how keeps all alive
I need to die to prove that I once was alive
That I was once more than a drunk machine spitting out feathers.
Maybe I said something that resonated with you
and reminded you that you were more than a drunk machine spitting out feathers


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