This Body Song

The speakers displace sound reluctantly ,

Notes sputter out awkwardly to play our song

There’s an argument inside between all sense and reason

My half stepping is a result of a cluttered mind

So can you fit between the crawl spaces of the over-flooded and cramped chambers of my brain

You can cushion yourself between the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex

Because I already keep you between each 10 second thought

Which means I would have thought of you over 50 times before I finished this sentence

Each brain cell and nerve firing at attention to you

Each brain flap dedicated to our love

My heart stands sovereign over every other organ

but before you, it no longer could beat to joy

It wasn’t in its over worn lexicon

It only ever smiled when the sun sunk into my skin

And you were a sonnet carved out of sunlight

Kissing life into my chest till my heart learnt to speak your language fluently

Arteries rushing blood to each vessel leaving me red faced and naked

leaving the epidermis of my skin hot and waiting for your touch

Micro hairs standing up in salute

Soaked in sweat but you swim through till not even my skin can hide me

Along with you, I swallow a gust of wind which is now rushing through my lungs

There are little Bronchi air sacks filled with your perfume,

crawling down the vents of my trachea and I breathe you deep

dispersing you to each cell of my body

Air waves vibrating the ossicles of my ears

I can hear our song

Each nerve ending twitches to its beat

There is no dissension in its harmony

The universe strains its vocal cords for us

So the least we can do is dance.


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