Gathering Feathers (16 September 2013)

“Its a Cardboard shanty town, its inhabitants dwell in voice boxes.”

“Wait no, I think the song should go – my mind is a cardboard shanty town, its inhabitants – words dwell in my voice box.”

“Deep breaths – keep going.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah – blame the world for your shitty disposition. Many have smiled through worse. You’re just weak.”

“A different type of homelessness”

“Don’t you hate dreams where you’re just doing mundane activities like watching T.V? It’s not enough that my waking life ultimately revolves around the mundane but now my dreams rob me of freedom too. Imagine dreaming about studying or working at your dead end job. That’s enough to drive a man postal.”

“Im paranoid, I have to look over my shoulder, have to go over my blind spot, cant tell who’s pretending and who’s not?”

“Don’t worry, you wouldn’t understand, its not in your depth – bigot.”

“Then you found yourself simulating humanity.”

“Poor imitation of a human being. The Japanese are developing robots more authentically human than you.”

“I like to dial manually when I call you so I can feel my heart dance to the key tones of your numbers – is that weird?”

“How did you become such an amazing imposter. I’ve tried but there’s something in the back of my head that keeps telling me that I’m lying, I don’t need to be here and I don’t need to be liked. How do you do it, it must be some evolutionary mechanism that skipped me.”

“Too busy looking for magic beans and silver bullets to put your head down and get some hard work done.”

“You slip, you fall, you get it up. No matter how much it hurts, you get up. Its just pain, a little discomfort – do you know how much pain your mother had to endure to get you into this world? One day does not exist, its just a fools comfort, you may say soon but for those who work, eventually is our declaration. Don’t let them break you, do you know how close to home you were the last time you gave up. Breathe.”


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