Gathering Feathers (23 September 2013)

“A person in society is the sum of his labels. Take that away and what do you get?”

“We all whore something out at the end of the day.”

“Well done. It’s getting harder to tell apart the person who you pretend to be and the person you actually are .”

“We’ll make homes out of the giants we’ve slain.”

“Sometimes but not in most cases, freedom is a simple matter of choice, especially if you’re not physically oppressed. All I know is, I walked and did not crumble after my first step. I mean they seemed to believe that I would and they some how convinced each other and me but I took that first step and did not fall under the weight of gravity. By oppression, they were taught to oppress. I realized this and walked away before it was too late. Thank God, I walked before it was too late.”

“Did anyone else know that its International Talk Like A Pirate Day today? And Im not talking about talk like a Pirates supporter after another derby loss.”

“I spend so much time, wishing I could revisit that place and time. Its like an island coasting on a special fragment of my memory.”

“My wings don’t flap right hence why I’ve been flying around in circles. I hope you’re not vain enough to think its because of you.”

“I remember thinking that my boss gesticulates so much when he speaks that he should just cut the middle man out and learn sign language.”

“Everyone’s too busy playing GTA V to realize that the guy who invented Super Mario is dead.”

“Holding on to something only contradicts our being so fly free”

“Its all in my head…”

“Yeah, its all in my head but does that make it less real?”

“Don’t make a cage out of your own mind”

“I give up.”

“Mistaking venus flytraps for roses and lilacs.”


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