Gathering Feathers (07 October 2013)

“Nothing as painful as a memory”

“I never asked to be born but death is no question,
The answer to life is yes and everything else is a lie.”

“A little originality perhaps”

“Write till we cant write any more.”

“I rather die as an original than live as a duplicate.”
“Okay, now that’s beautiful.”

“Most of my relationships are drawbridges. I have no time to waste on gasoline and lighter fluid for transient friendships. My hand is ready to be withheld and my mind is ready to forget you at any given time. I’m not cold hearted, just tired of wasting time on what was never there.”

“One more note – definition is a shackle and a chain – to say what you are is to also say what you are not and as a living personification of the universe, you are more isn’t than are. In other words you’re born as something amazingly vast and then you are boxed in by identity ,branded by definition, compelled by labels and shortened by “I am”. You’re trying to find yourself in an over worn label – that’s far from original.”

“Im trying to dance around the fact that I miss her. Why do I do this to myself?”

“Naysayers say Im bound to fail
Like I lost the plot but found a trail
And I’ll breathe my lungs rugged till I cant exhale
Because in the presence of silence all noise and sound prevails”

“Contrary to popular belief, time is no healer – it will march along and leave you in the dust until you learn how to fix yourself. Then march along with it.”

“Breaking Bad series finale was….Dexter take notes”

“Reality is glass.”

“I love animals. That’s also probably why my ex girlfriends look the way they do.”

“I’d rather die on my back than live on my ass in an office job.”

“I’ve seen pigs walking on hind legs. They dont just eat shit, they speak it.”

“Have you ever seen a corpse fight its way back to life, will its lungs to breathe again and persuade its heart to beat? Well kiddies, Im going to show you some shit today, a self resurrecting Lazarus.”

“My dreams are burning themselves out of my mind…”




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