Gathering Feathers (1 November 2013)

Its become a matter of finding a place in a world that ultimately hates us. I’m a hobo, going from domicile to domicile in search of a home. That’s what keeps me going, the sweet dream of a home. That has become my one word mantra, I echo it in meditation like – hoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmeee


Max Payne is such a well written game – how did the movie turn out so shit?


I prefer Nina Simone’s version of Strange Fruit over Billie Holiday’s.


I wonder without a truly successful political background or career, without even the accolades of running a major profitable business to justify why I should be given the keys to the country, could I run for president or even a party leader. One of the greatest arguments against Obama when he ran for president at the age of 44 was that he was too young and unqualified to run a country because he had never run a large organization or successful business even though he was a Chicago State Senator. Not to compare America to us or any country but should we not have high standards for our politicians as well. With any job, you need a certain amount of experience and education in order to be considered for that position. If I was to simply start my own party, write speeches aimed at the impoverished majority, speak of every fear and unrest of the common man’s mind and mind you, I’d be lying half the time, could I become your president? I look and sound just like you, I’m the axes handle, there’s no reason why you should not believe what I say.Could I appeal to your tribalistic sensibilities? I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone. I’m just saying Politician’s lie and one day by the time we realize what big teeth grandma has, it will be too late.


I am shit scared of socialism.


I dont think anyone appreciates kindness more than me, especially if its from a stranger.


They like cars and alcohol. I just really dig books and art.


Capitalism – The government works for corporations

 Socialism – The government is the corporation


They’re worried about fashion, hair and nails; I’m worried about the human condition both existentialistic – esoteric and physical.


Money is thicker than blood. My parents taught me that.


When music becomes a mocking interpretation of everything we are.


If I was a wrestler, I’d just play the heel – the villain through my whole career.


Sometimes loving a broken person is like playing a game of tetris. You put them together again, just to watch them disappear.


The daily politics of being human


Albert Einstein said “I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.”
Stephen Hawking said “God not only plays dice, He also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen”


Now, I have to learn how to fake confidence. This would be easier if I was still a Christian #NoOffenceToAnybody


The problem is Im too deep or rather I think too much, cant seem to get out of my head, who can blame me, its a nice place when its not cloudy with recrimination. I need to learn how to be as plastic and seemingly shallow as these bathroom models who post naked pictures of themselves for likes? Self gratification? To be noticed? I don’t fucken know, but the implications are still weird if not scary. Sometimes the puddle is just a puddle but its still embarrassing when the water splashes your face.


Things will get better, if they don’t you’ll adapt, if you cant then oh well *Shrug*


I wonder if the dead envy the living or pity them?



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