Spokesperson (They will set us to teeth)

There was once a Spokesperson 
Who spoke till the broken spokes of the wheels worsened
When the smoked cleared, all that was left were remnants of a
hearse that carried the ghosts of every dead person.
Every dead person that had passed because we ask no questions 

Even when it strayed off the path, 
Our leaders still found a way to remain unabashed
And Beelzebub and Lucifer could not withhold their laughs
When our journalists were clutching snakes instead of holding golden staffs 

They will plant seeds in empty speech
And life will wind down into a matter of weeks
They will set us to teeth 
Stress will make us pace till we wear out the floor into an empty 
ditch that we eventually bury ourselves in

The hard broken earth
rest in in our scars and cloaks of dirt 
Hope will be replaced by hearts soaked in mirth 
You thought you heard harps when he was speaking but hardly,
because you now see all his actions strayed far from his spoken words 

He will set his mouth to deceive 
and they will set us to teeth


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